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- I cannot verify my ads.txt

Ads.txt is a necessary part of verification and approval process. The ads.txt has to be on the site before it can be approved. Without necessary records in your ads.txt we won't be able to verify nor approve the site. Ads.txt should have all the lines provided and in exactly same manner it is provided including the very first line #Hooligan Media. If you already have existing ads.txt on the site we request to place our records at the very top of the file. It should remain the same for the lifetime of your account with Hooligan Media. If records not on top of the file or not in the same manner there is a possibility that website won't pass verification.

If you placed everything correctly but the system still says it can't verify, try checking your ads.txt via incognito window by accessing domain.com/ads.txt. In most cases you will see that ads.txt is not in the same format or doesn't have all the records. If you updated the file but it didn't update live you may need to flush cache from your site. If you are using WordPress use W3Total Cache or a similar plugin, if that's a different CMS contact their support for instructions. If you are using CloudFlare or a similar services you may need to flush cache there as well.

- I have issues with verification code

The next step after ads.txt verification is placing verification code to the <head> of your website. The verification code makes call to our servers and tells us that the site is verified and ready for approval. Verification code, same as ads.txt should always be on the site during lifetime of your account with Hooligan Media. You cannot take it off once you receive an approval.

In most cases issues with verification code are related to the cache and resolved in the way. If you are using WordPress, to ensure your code is placed correctly you may use plugin 'Insert Headers and Footers'.

If you did everything above and nothing worked, please submit a ticket to support. Please note, we do not provide an immediate response.